After School Martial Arts



Parents - you are working hard to make ends meet, you do not need to feel guilty about your kids not having an out of school activity. Your child will get exercise and develop important life skills like respect, focus, goal setting, discipline and teamwork. 


Fun at Martial Arts

In addition to doing a class nearly every day, they also have a fun day every Friday.  We put out the bounce house, play some games, and have a blast!  On Saturdays, kids are also able to attend additional classes, where parents can watch (or even attend!), participate in tournaments, and promote at testings.


After School With a Kick!

For about the same cost as most after school programs, your child will develop critical Life Skills and have fun doing it. Life Skills that will help them be a success in all areas of their life - now and in the future.

Come by for a free trial class in the evening and a tour of the facility.