Now you can get the benefits of martial arts training (focus, discipline, self-control, fitness, self defense) without ever leaving your home!

Talon@Home Program

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How does it work?

Talon@Home is a online based program designed to begin training or to continue training when life takes you away from the dojo.

We have 3 main components: Video Library (classes and short technique videos for your belt level), Live Zoom classes (scheduled classes with other students and live instructor), and 1-on-1 private tutorial sessions).

How much does is cost?

You can access all three components for a low monthly cost of $49 per month. You may choose to pay by belt level which costs $149 and lasts 6 months or until you promote to the next level.

You may also save $20 per month by choosing  Live Zoom classes or the Video Library  to go with the 1-on-1 sessions.

Is there a trial class?

Yes, you can check out our basic online trial class by pressing the  button below.

Are there belt promotions?

Yes! At the beginner levels, you are able to test online via Live Zoom Testing when you and your instructor think you are ready.  This usually takes in 2-3 months for most students.

Are uniforms needed?

Yes, we do require a uniform to take class.  The Sign Up Fee of $30 includes delivery of a uniform and belt to your house. T-shirts bought from Talon may also be worn in season.

Ready to get started?

You can call our dojo at 1-800-270-8253 or sign up online using the Sign Up Now button below.